Baja Ledger

Stone Style’s Baja Ledger natural stone walling is a natural granite walling material, perfect for all applications; residential landscape designs, home builds and commercial building projects. This product is sawn on the back and is chipped on all other sides to create an organic look while allowing for an efficient installation on all suitable substrates. Stone Style understands that finished details are a must in wall cladding products, providing interlocking corner stones which are perfect for columns.

Stone Style’s Ledger walling provides a rugged, organic and textured feel towards feature walls, columns, fireplaces and everything in between. Our range varies between limestone, to granite as well as schist to ensure you always achieve your desired aesthetic for every project. Every single piece of our loose ledger walling has a split face and a sawn back to ensure for easy application to all suitable substrates with outstanding results.

sizing loose format


Split face veneer split on 5 sides and sawn on the back.

Random lengths up to 500mm.

Random heights up to 200mm.

Thickness 20 - 40mm.


L shaped corner pieces.

Random lengths up to 250mm.

Random heights up to 150mm.

Thickness 20 - 40mm.

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